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Sierras Two Finger Ring


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Driving North on highway 395 is one of our favorite routes in the US! One of the most memorable views for us is turning the corner from Crowley Lake and watching Mt Banner, Mt Ritter, the Minaretes, and Mammoth Mountain reveal themselves. Together this characteristic ridgeline forms the horizon. After staring at this picture almost everyday growing up, we decided to frame it on a ring.


The Sierras Ring is inlaid with a rich Gaboon Ebony wood to represent the earths mountains. This dark Ebony is complemented by a wood called Amboyna Burl, resembling the stunning sunsets to the west with it's swirly colors. The two inlays are laser cut with prescision to create the line where mountains meet sky. Other than the wooden inlay, this ring is solid sterling silver with a light matte finish and is heavily weighted. 


This ring comes in three sizes: Small, Medium, and Large. Each ring has a difference of one whole size between fingers. 

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