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Jax Union Roots


John and Eric Jackson's Roots

Growing up in Mammoth Lakes CA, we developed a rich appreciation for the mountains. Hiking, fishing, and skating in the summer led to snowboarding in the winter. We never would have imagined that having mom drop us off at the mountain to go ride could educate us to become professional snowboarders. It’s funny when you look back on the years and laugh at some of the unplanned steps that have guided you to what your doing today. After 10 plus years riding professionally, we are lucky to still be in the game and our love for the outdoors hasn’t diminished a bit, which has led us to create Jax Union. 

Since 2010, we’ve been slowly cultivating our mountain inspired jewelry to represent what we love… the peaks, the people, and the adventures. We are motivated to explore, learn, create, and support goodness with this company. Our names are John and Eric Jackson, and we are inviting you to become a part of our alliance, our family, our union, whatever you want to call it, come be a part of our journey.

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